Over the last month, I have written articles on whales, stars, books, mars etc for a children’s newspaper.

For as long as I can remember, I have been writing— whether it is in the form of diary entries or to-do lists, poetry or prose, op-eds or letters. But out of all these forms, I have learnt the most by writing for children.

And I don’t mean for students. This is for educators who are always walking the thin line between information and too much information.

Images extracted from stills from Mona Lisa Smile(2003) and Dead Poets Society(1989); Henry Derozio’s bust at Esplanade, Kolkata.

A loving critique of the National Education Policy 2020 by an (erstwhile) exasperated student and educator

From a PhilARThropy classroom (2019). I run PhilARThropy, a social organisation committed to creating inclusive spaces for art through pedagogical interventions and skill development.

Pia Bakshi

PhD Candidate (English), Author (Read/Read), Founder (PhilARThropy), scriptwriter, Academic Consultant for admission material (www.inkingwingsconsultancy.com)

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